The technological innovation has become a powerful force, paving the way to unprecedented changes to human life. Such changes are noticeable in the form of, to mention but a few, computerization and digitalized information system;  computing power and robotics system have  substituted manpower and resources; smart communication technology has been massively reached even the most remote areas of the world; and digital data-based technology now are capable of projecting individuals and their respective social and cultural preferences. This is the nature of accelerated changes brought about by technological revolution.

It also carries its share of spoils, however, such as technological disruption and the rise of individualism; putting society at the risk of dissolving; the breakdown of the family life, and other telling consequences.

In a nutshell, it is safe to argue that the technological advancement offers great opportunities to human development while at the same time challenges the existing  notion of society and human being, which eventually precipitates the call for social sciences and humanities, to be at the forefront, to understand its very nature, challenges, consequences, and opportunities it offers.

For such purposes, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Syiah Kuala University, cordially invite, scholars, researchers, practitioners, and students from various disciplines such as political science, sociology, communication, urban studies, development, and other relevant disciplines to the 1st  International Conference on Social and Political Sciences (ICOSPOS), 2018 and to take part in the discourse on technological advancement and innovation and how it shapes and changes human interaction and society as a whole. How has industrial and technological innovation contributed to human life mostly in developing countries? How have social sciences contributed to a new understanding of human life? What have been opportunities, barriers, and challenges faced due to the advancement of technology? What are the ways forward?