If you are unable to attend the conference in person, due to funding and time limitation, an online presentation is available via SKYPE and video presentations. There will be a 50% discount for virtual presentation participants. You will gain the same validity (publication, certificate, etc.) and with the capability to interact.

For video presentation, the participant is expected to send their video recordings 2 weeks before the conference date and the video presentations (.avi, .mp4, and .flv) of virtual presentations will be played at the special session. For SKYPE, participants will need to be well equipped at their side so that they can actively take part in the video conferences and also, they will be expected to send their presentation materials before they make their presentations in an interactive manner. Presenters will be connected via Skype and do the presentation 2 or 3 days after the conference date.

Time allocated for the virtual presentations is as 15 minutes for both video recordings and SKYPE. Virtual presentations ought to be submitted 2 weeks before the conference for technical arrangements.

If you come across any problems you may get in contact through the following e-mail adress  or Mobile phone number: +628116883950 (Febri).

Following the submission of the video recording, the presenter should add following information to the mail content;

Paper Title

Name Surname

SKYPE address (Download SKYPE software from:

 We recommend “Camtasia Studio” program for video recordings.